AI Foresight

Study on Virtuality

Will AI one day be able to predict the future better than human intelligence? Are there chances in using AI or Machine Learning Systems on forecasting or future studies? Will virtuality change the way people perceive and process information?


If you ask people whether they could explain what they imagine the world to be like in 10 years, many can give a relatively precise description. With 20 or even 30 years, this becomes more difficult. If you look back and consider what people imagined the future to be like 30 years ago, it's obvious how often these ideas been wrong or even more often, developed quite differently. This project was born out of the thought wether artificial intelligence might be able to make such predictions one day and currently focuses on the development of virtuality.


Images and texts are generated by using machine learning and AI. The texts might generate/spread controversial ideas and concepts of what human life could be like. This is not a personal assessment. What emerged were stories, definitions, code snippets or even narrations by non-existent people experiencing virtuality.


Images have been created by using Machine Learning Technology in Runway ML. The Training Model is StyleGAN. The images were generated by using texts, terms and phrases related to virtuality. The texts are generated on the same basis and by using OpenAI's text-engine davinci-001.

The sound of this project.